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How do I transfer out of Stake?

Outgoing Transfer Process

At Stake, much like exiting a trade, we make the share transfer out process as seamless as possible.  

To initiate this, simply contact your receiving broker and submit a share transfer request. 

Whilst we fully support both ACATS and DTC transfers, the method of transfer will depend on the external broker, so it is best to check directly with them as to which method they support. If the external broker supports ACATS, the share transfer will be processed via ACATS.

Once you've filled out the relevant paperwork with them, you will need to complete this form here - Outgoing Share Transfer Form. Once filled out, please send this form to Upon receipt of your request from your receiving broker, we will verify your positions and approve the outgoing share transfer. 

With Hatch?

We can have your portfolio on Stake within 24 hours. Yep, lightning-fast and we’ll give you a free Dropbox share to welcome you to Stake.

The process is simple. It takes just 2-minutes to initiate, and the transfer happens between trading sessions, so there will be no interruption to your investing. Transfer now.

With another broker?

These are just as easy. It will take a little longer to complete depending on what system your current broker is using to transfer assets, but rest assured we do all the work for you. Transfer now.

No need to fund

You’ve already got the US portfolio, so once it’s across you can manage your investing as per usual, just now on Stake.

No FX or tax implications

Your portfolio (of cash and securities) transfers as is. You will see your existing portfolio with all the details inside your Stake account within hours. It’s that straightforward.

Fees & items to note

If your receiving broker cannot support ACATS transfers, your transfer will need to be completed via DTC, which will cost US$50/position (US$200 minimum). ACATS transfers cost US$65 irrespective of the number of positions transferred.

For outgoing DRS transfers (to transfer agents/registries), this will incur a cost of US$200 per position and will entail a separate process. To initiate this process, please email

Please ensure you have a sufficient cash balance in your buying power prior to commencing the transfer out, otherwise it will be rejected. Your new broker may also charge a fee for incoming transfers, so please make sure you are aware of these prior to commencing the process.

Note that fractional shares cannot be transferred out - you can liquidate the fractional component and then transfer the settled cash as part of your portfolio transfer (cash positions cannot be transferred via DTC, only via ACATS).


ACATS (Automated Customer Account Transfer System) is a faster transfer method compared to DTC and allows for the transfer of equities + cash. DTC is a slower, more manual and generally costlier process. Additionally, DTC transfers only allow for the transfer of equities (not cash).

To read more about ACATS, please click here - What is ACATS? Unlike ACATS which is processed through an automated system, a DTC transfer occurs via manual communication between brokers, which leads to lengthier processing times. You can read more about the role of the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and how their clearing facility settles the transfer of ownership between issuers (brokers) here - How issuers work with DTC.

Extra information

Your shares in your outgoing account must settle before being transferred. If they have not, please wait 2 trading days from your most recent buy/sell transaction before initiating a request. Otherwise, there may be a delay in the transfer process.

We are unfortunately not able to accept portfolio transfers from Sharesies. This is due to their systems not being able to facilitate the transfer.

Free stock is available for all full portfolio transfers over US$500 only. Charges may apply from your existing broker to transfer out of their service.

See Stake pricing page, terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Any questions

We’re around to make sure you spend less time on forms and more time exploring opportunities. Just email us at and we’ll make sure you're one step closer to Wall St.

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