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Tracking Dividends

When you receive a dividend payment you will be able to view it on your Activity stream on Stake. You can track all recent of dividends in your Activity page and take a deep dive into them. You will see both the dividend payment and any withholding tax for the relevant dividend. 

Also, when you download any monthly statements or transaction reports, your dividend information will be included there too. 

Dividend Updates & Reversals

There are situations where a dividend is updated (either up or down) after customers have been paid. This is most common in American depositary receipts and can occur in a few situations, in relation to FX rates or changes in the foreign tax (such as due to a regulatory ruling). 

In these cases we will adjust your payment (you will see a new payment) that amends the amount paid.  In some extreme cases the entire dividend will be reversed, but this is rare.

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