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Can I delete a pending order?

It's super simple to manage your pending orders on Stake.  

You can create orders at any time during or after market hours, but they will only be executed during market hours. Orders that are waiting to be executed/completed are known as "pending" orders.
You can delete pending orders at any time via the Stake app (there are exceptions - see below). Please note that orders will show as "pending" until fully complete. If an order has been partially filled at the time of cancellation, your order will only be stopped from this point.

Your pending orders can be found under the "Balances & Orders" section on the dashboard of the Stake app. 

Stake keeps you informed on any order activity. You will be notified via email as soon as your order is executed, partially filled, or cancelled. You can also check your trade activity in the app under "Account" then the "Reports & Activity" heading. Please note that app confirmations are available around 1 day after the trade date.


Please note, to ensure you receive the best opening price, pre-market orders are sent to executing brokers as part of the opening auction. As a result of this, pre-market orders cannot be cancelled after these times for the following exchanges:

ExchangeTime (NY local time)

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