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Withdrawing Funds

You can withdraw your available funds any time from Stake.  Much like funding your account, the spot FX rate and all applicable fees will be provided to you before you decide to process your transfer. 

Transfers can only go from Stake to your local bank account, which must be in your name.  Before you make your first withdrawal, you'll need to provide all your bank details (including your BIC code). 


It normally takes approximately 2 business days for withdrawal to arrive in your local bank account. 


Make sure you enter the correct bank account details and verify your withdrawal.   We’ll ask you to double check and then validate your transfer.

As an additional check, which ensures the security of your funds,  we have extra validation on withdrawals and may contact you or request extra documentation. This ensures your details are correct and prevents any fraud on your account.

Available funds & Reserved Cash

You will only have funds available for withdrawal when your settled cash balance is greater than the amount of any cash that is reserved for pending buy orders (any order you have to buy stocks).

Reserved Cash may be greater than your portfolio value due to market fluctuations. If this happens, you will not be able to make a withdrawal until your portfolio's cash balance is greater than this amount.

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