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Portfolio Transfers to Stake

Depositing funds

You can make a FX transfer of NZ dollars into USD on Stake.  You'll get direct access and visibility to the spot FX rate with full transparency of any fees.  


You can make bank transfers inside Stake (using POLi) and funds go directly into your brokerage account. You can fund and be investing in the stock market on the same day. The minimum amount you can fund is $50 NZD.


When you fund your account you can choose the speed (express or regular) you want it in your brokerage account.

ServiceSpeedCut-off (NZST)
ExpressReceive your funds by the next market session (9am NY time)10:00pm
RegularReceive your funds in the second trading session (1pm NY time)4:00pm


Getting Free Stock

When you fund your account for the first time on Stake, we'll drop a free share in Nike, Dropbox, GoPro or a mystery stock into your account. All you need to do is fund within 24 hours of your account opening. Simple as that. Read on for the ways to fund your account and get into the market (and get that free stock).

Bank Transfers with POLi

All transfers of NZD to USD to your brokerage account are made via POLi. 

When using POLi you are safely logging into your bank account to make a your bank transfer directly from Stake.   All your security features of your bank account apply, including second-factor authentication and any transaction limits you have set up. 

With POLi a pop-up will appear that asks you for your bank credentials and pre-populates the payment form for you to make a direct transfer to Stake through our FX partner, who then moves your money to your USD trading account.

As you are securely accessing your bank, if you have second-factor authentication set up at your bank you will be required to confirm your transfer - this adds another layer of security to your transaction.  Similarly, any limits set up at your bank will apply. You should check this with your bank if you run into any issues.

About POLi

POLi is an Australia Post company that allows you to access your regular bank and savings account from Stake's website. POLi is able to provide consumers a convenient and affordable method of payment by simply accessing their original bank site via the POLi servers. 

It is widely recognised and used at many notable companies including Air New Zealand, Qantas, Facebook, Virgin Australia, Emirates, Victoria's Secret and more.

Bank Transfers:

You can fund your account by making a bank transfer. Adding funds this way is a simple transfer from your bank account using the below details. 

Transfer Details

  • Account Name: Stake
  • Account Number: 04-2024-062320-100
  • Reference: Your Stake account number which can be found in your profile on the app (starts with ST)

Please note: the bank account is held by one of our FX partners, Airwallex. This Airwallex account is with ANZ Bank in NZ and is managed by Airwallex for the benefit of Stake customers who send NZD in exchange for USD. Amounts received here will be transferred to your US brokerage account. Your rate will be provided when you initiate the transfer from NZD

Important Information:

Transfers with incorrect references will be returned to sender, this can take a number of days - please double check your reference is correct before transferring funds

We have decided to give the name 'Stake NZ' for ease of reference, but this does not suggest that Stake takes any custody of funds or manages this account on your behalf.

Some banks hold transfers for up to 72 hours to new payees. So this first transfer to Stake may be slightly delayed.

No Third-Party Deposits 

Stake does not accept deposits from third parties. All deposits have to be in your name.

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