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How do I make a deposit?

Summary of deposit methods

You can fund your Stake account via:  

  • POLi

  • Direct bank transfer 

  • Debit card/credit card/Google Pay/Apple Pay

The minimum funding amount is NZ$50.

Getting free stock

To claim a starter stock, simply make a first deposit of at least $50 into your Stake Wall St account within 24 hours of opening it. You’ll then be able to claim a Nike, Dropbox or GoPro stock on us – yours will be selected at random. For the 24-hour deadline, what counts is the moment you place the transfer, not when the funds arrive. 

You can learn more about this offer here. This reward is subject to Stake Wall St Rewards Terms and Conditions.

Fees and speeds

What are Stake’s funding fees?

We keep our fees simple and transparent – you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying. This includes brokerage fees, applicable FX transfer fees, optional fees (e.g. Instant Funding) and incidental fees such as the one-off W-8BEN tax form charge. You can also find a copy of your charges through any trade/deposit confirmation email or via the Stake platform.

See below for a breakdown of our deposit charges applicable in New Zealand.

Debit Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay2%
Credit Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay3%
Bank transfer or POLi$0
Instant Funding0.5% (NZ$2 min)
FX1% (US$2 min)
W-BEN Form US$0

See our pricing PDF for more information.


When you fund your account, you can choose the speed with which you want the funds to arrive:

Cut-off (NZST/NZDT)
Receive your funds by the next market session (9am EST/EDST)
Receive your funds in the second trading session (1pm EST/EDST)

Deposit funds via POLi


You can make bank transfers right on Stake using POLi, and funds go directly into your brokerage account. You can fund and invest on the same day. 

To make a POLi-supported deposit:

  • On the Stake app, head to your portfolio dashboard and tap Buying power > Add funds – on web, click on the Wallet icon in the right hand corner > Add funds

  • Insert the deposit amount

  • Select POLi and your preferred funding speed

  • Follow the prompts to complete your POLi payment

About POLi

POLi is an online payment option, backed by Merco, that facilitates a funds transfer in near real-time using PayID from your bank account to a merchant. It’s an easy and secure alternative for customers who don’t want to use credit cards. 

POLi allows you to fund directly from the Stake app without having to manually initiate a transfer. 

All the security features of your internet banking account apply when funding via POLi, including two-factor authentication and any transaction limits you have. 

Banks available on POLi

Below is a list of banks currently available on POLi in NZ. This may be subject to change.

  • ANZ

  • Bank of New Zealand

  • Kiwibank

  • TSB Bank

  • The Co-Operative Bank

POLi outages

Should you have any trouble using POLi to fund your account, please head to and check if there are any operational issues.

If problems persist, you can reach out to the Stake support team here.

Deposit funds via bank transfer

Bank transfers

You can deposit funds into your Stake Wall St account via bank transfer from a local bank account. The minimum funding amount is NZ$50. 

Transfer Details

To make a direct deposit/bank transfer into your Stake Wall St account, you’ll need an Account NameAccount Number and Description.

Account Name: Stake

Account Number: 04-2024-062320-100

DescriptionYour unique Stake Wall St number

You can find your unique Stake Wall St number in the Stake app by heading to More > Account Number. You can also find the above details via Buying power > Add funds > Bank transfer, and follow the prompts. On web, click on the wallet icon in the top right hand corner > Add funds.

Important: to ensure a smooth funding experience, please ensure your 10-digit number includes ‘ST’ and is entered into the ‘Description’ section of your bank deposit.

How do I transfer?

  • On the Stake app, head to your portfolio dashboard and tap Buying power > Add funds; on web, click on the wallet icon in the right hand corner > Add funds

  • Insert the deposit amount

  • Select bank transfer and your preferred funding speed

  • You'll then be provided with the bank account details to use when making a payment from your financial institution. It’s vital you enter the correct Account NumberAccount Name and Description (your 10-digit Stake Account number starting with ST) to ensure there is no delay in processing the deposit

  • Once you’ve transferred funds from your banking institution, you can confirm by tapping ‘I’ve Made a Transfer’ to finalise your deposit. You’ll also receive an email confirmation of the initiated transfer

Important information

  • Your Stake Wall St account number (beginning with ST) must be included in the ‘Description’ field of your bank transfer. If not, your funds may be returned. It can take up to 30 days for unsuccessful deposits to be returned.

  • Some banks have both ‘Description’ and ‘Reference’ fields available – please ensure your 10-digit ST account number is entered in the ‘Description’ field

  • Your bank may place a hold on your first payment for up to 24 hours

  • Stake does not accept third party deposits

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