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Opening your account

Applying for an account on Stake should take less than 5 minutes. Not only will you be ready to seize the market in that time, but you can also have a bonus U.S. stock to your name.

To make your account application super fast, make sure you have your personal information on hand. 

This allows us to verify you electronically (and immediately) against the government databases we check.

Sign up & get free stock

We’re all about accessing the U.S. market. So when you sign up and fund your account in the first 24 hours, we’ll drop a bonus share in Nike, Dropbox, GoPro into your account. 

This will help get you into the market and experience what Stake has to offer. For more information on how this works, check out our Stake Rewards.

Tips for opening your account fast

As Stake uses digital verification services to make sure your account application is processed quickly and that the service remains secure. 

We rely on the quality of the information you provide and checks against government and other databases to verify your identity.  This means when applying for an account, its best to have the following accessible:

  • Government issued ID such as your driver's license or passport

  • Entering your residential address correctly and as appears on your license

  • Close access to your email, as we need to verify your email address 

  • The additional documentation listed below (in case of a failed immediate verification)

Extra documentation

Sometimes there may be a mismatch between what you’ve provided and the information on the databases we verify against. 

This means we will ask for additional information including:

  • A photo of your government-issued ID (license, passport etc)

  • A photo of you holding that ID

  • A copy of your bank or utility statement showing your current address

Once you send this information through, we should be able to verify you and get you going.

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